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Acrylic Products & Alkyds

Blue Ridge Paint offers acrylic products from Tufcote®. Some of the benefits of this wonderful brand include:

  • Good Gloss Retention
  • Single Component, Easy to Use
  • Easy to Apply with Brush, Roll, or Spray
  • Exterior Durability and Flexibility

Tufcote 3.3 PR High Solids Fast Dry Alkyd Primer (formerly DuPont™ 681 FD™)

Tufcote® 3.3 PR™ is a phenolic modified medium oil, lead, and chromate-free, single-package, VOC conforming primer (3.3 lbs./gal.) based on DuPont™ alkyd technology. The resulting rapid drying primer delivers excellent corrosion resistance.

Tufcote 3.5 PR Fast Dry Alkyd Primer (formerly DuPont™ 67 FD™)

Tufcote® 3.5 PR™ is an acrylic modified medium oil, lead and chromate free, single-package, VOC conforming primer (3.5 lbs./gal.) based on DuPont™ alkyd technology. The resulting very quick drying primer delivers good corrosion resistance.

Tufcote 3.5 HG-P High Gloss Alkyd With Polyurethane Modification (formerly DuPont™ 34P™/FG-034™)

Tufcote® 3.5 HG-P™ is a high-gloss, two-package, VOC conforming (3.5 lbs./gal.) acrylic-modified V-T alkyd enamel with polyurethane modification. The resulting very durable coating delivers very quick dry times with improved solvent resistance, gloss, and color retention over conventional alkyd enamels.

DuPont™ WP Chrome-Free Wash/Etching Pre-Treatment Primer

DuPont™ WP™ Wash Primer is a non-sanding primer designed to give exceptional adhesion and corrosion resistance over bare metal surfaces. This product eliminates the need to treat metal surfaces chemically before priming. DuPont™ industrial coatings can be applied to a variety of substrates in both corrosive and non-corrosive environments. System recommendations are available for carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, poured concrete, concrete block, wood, fiberglass, and drywall and plaster applications. In addition, DuPont™ industrial coatings have been used successfully in a variety of markets, such as amusement and recreation, commercial and industrial equipment and facilities, construction equipment, propane gas, and ready-mixed concrete.